Why Are Compensation Awards All Over The Map?

Why Are Compensation Awards All Over The Map?

Shedding light on personal injury compensation awards

Why are compensation rewards all over the map? Terrific question.   Simply put, each injury is different and each person is different.  There is no “off the shelf” approach to personal injury compensation.

Take a fractured wrist.  A lawyer does not pull a book out and go look up what a broken wrist is worth.  

If the wrist needs no surgery, is casted for a month and you have no further complaints, that claim will be very small. It will be limited to something modest for pain and suffering and that is all.

On the other hand, if the wrist has been fractured badly, needs extensive surgery and belongs to a highly drafted 17 year old hockey player or a concert pianist, we are talking an entirely different number.  There will much higher pain and suffering compensation.  As well, there will be a loss of future income component to the claim.  Toss on top of that something for future help around the house with heavy home maintenance chores, and the compensation for such an injury could be very substantial.

Facts matter.  The unique situation of each client matters.   

It is our job to understand your story, to “get” your disability and its effects on your life.  We wish to leave no money on the table.  Maximum compensation.  In all cases.