The Joy of Getting Fired

The Joy of Getting Fired

“Getting fired is nature’s way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.” – anon

Sometimes a person loses her job out of the blue; she never saw it coming. But I have found that usually the employee has an idea of what is coming down, that he has been unhappy with the work for many years.

It may still feel like a divorce in ways. You lose friends, the routine of a day and, of course, a pay cheque you could count on. But it is a rare client who does not tell me a year later (when we bump into each other downtown or at the arena) that, looking back, losing the job was the best thing that happened to him. Like a bad marriage, a dysfunctional workplace can lead to frustration and in certain cases literally make one ill.

It is often better to have been released from what one client told me was a “swamp” of a workplace, and to transition to a new life. One client fulfilled his dream of opening a car rental shop, another is doing IT at a far more professional company, another has his own HVAC shop and still another opted for an early retirement.

If our law firm can make that transition any easier, we will. Often the employer has offered decent severance and there is not much we can add. We will tell you that. In some cases, the severance pay is a little light but it simply does not make sense to litigate over the difference. We will tell you that as well. In other cases, especially for long term employees, the employer tries to get away with a ridiculous termination package. Worse, the boss may falsely allege that you are owed nothing because you stole from the company, or you had a bad attitude or you never worked all that hard. We contest that kind of behavior vigorously.

We move quickly to ensure that you:

  • Receive a proper Record of Employment
  • Are paid at least your minimum Employment Standards Act floor of termination pay
  • Receive a positive letter of recommendation for use in your job hunt

Where negotiations break down, we use new rules of the court that allow us to get decisions without the need for a full trial.

It is all about moving to the next stage of life, with a proper financial springboard to help you on your way. Call or email us if you are ever terminated from your job unfairly.