The Dangers Of Facebook

The Dangers Of Facebook

I like Facebook. It is easy to use and handy for keeping in touch. It can also harm a personal injury lawsuit.


For years, insurers have used dark vans with cameras to spy on people who claim to be disabled.  Now, they can often find out with a click of a button whether (in their opinion) you are for real or not.


If you have stated that you cannot walk more than a block without pain and post a photo of you dancing at your sister’s wedding, we have a problem. If your Hawaii snorkeling trip is posted on your wall for all to see, it may be hard to square that with the excruciating daily back pain you swore you suffered from.


The courts have said that there are limits to the use of social media by insurers, but those are only limits. If your social media contains photos and entries which show you living your life, you will be compelled to show those pages to the insurer even if they are behind a security wall.


We know and judges know that photographs can twist things all out of distortion. We can often explain or handle awkward Facebook entries. In fact, often the entries confirm a disability.


But why complicate things? From the moment you start your claim to finish, it is wise to limit your use of social media. Ask yourself – “is this a photo I would want a juror to see at my trial?”


If you have more questions about how Facebook and social media might help or hurt you with your personal injury lawsuit in Walkerton, Port Elgin, or Owen Sound, contact the team at Tamming Law. We can help answer any questions you may have.