Tamming Law Sponsors the Owen Sound Cultural Awards’ Emerging Artist

Tamming Law is proud to once again support the Owen Sound Cultural Awards ceremony. This year’s Emerging Artist award was given to Leah Mathies, a true talent. The award was given to Miss Mathies following the release of her June 2013 EP entitled ‘Mesmerized.’ Miss Mathies has opened for such acts as Beverley Mahood, Jamie Warren and many other CCMA artists at the Orillia Opera House. Her music is a catchy blend of beautiful vocals and lyrics that explore deep social issues to create a truly unique, truly mesmerizing sound.

“I’m thrilled to receive the Emerging Artist award for 2014 and for the encouragement this has given me to keep pursuing my dreams,” she said.

John Tamming is proud to once again sponsor the Emerging Artist award at the 2015 Owen Sound Cultural Awards. The prize will be given on February 15, 2015.