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If you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer, we are here to help. It’s important to know that a non-unionized employer can fire its employees at any time. It is not the act of terminating employment that makes a dismissal “wrongful,” but rather the absence of fair compensation that is problematic. If you have not received fair compensation or this has happened to a loved one, speak with a trusted employment lawyer in Collingwood Owen Sound.

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If you lose your job from your employer, you’re entitled to termination pay. Exceptions apply in some cases (being fired for “just cause,” such as theft or dishonesty), but these are rare. The majority of employees are terminated through no fault of their own and under the Employment Standards Act they are entitled to be compensated. The minimum compensation for job loss is one week of pay for every year you worked, up to 8 weeks. If you worked for a very large corporation, this is extended to another week of pay for every year served, with no upper limit.


The Employment Standards Act compensation is the minimum but you are likely entitled to greater compensation depending on the following information:

• The position

• Your years of service

• Your age

• Your health

• Whether you were lured away from a good job


The guideline Tamming Law follows is 3 to 4 weeks of pay for every year you worked. Please be advised that we charge a nominal fee to review a client’s severance package. If you were let go in a particularly harsh manner, you will be entitled to additional compensation. This extra compensation is named “Wallace compensation,” after Mr. Wallace of Saskatchewan who took his employer all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and won.

You are also entitled to a continuation of benefits for the notice period, compensation for missed bonuses and other damages that are best discussed on a case-by-case basis with our team in Collingwood and Owen Sound.



Question: What constitutes a wrongful dismissal?

Answer: Wrongful dismissal may happen when your employer terminates your employment without respecting your legal rights.

Question: What do you mean by Severance Pay?

Answer: It refers to the amount of money your employer must give you when your employment is terminated.

Question: Is resignation considered quitting?

Answer: An employee is said to have resigned from employment when he/she voluntarily ends the employment relationship or quits.



An employment lawyer at Tamming Law in Owen Sound can answer all your employment law questions knowledgeably, and we can ensure that the compensation you get is fair under the law. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation at our two locations: Owen Sound, and Collingwood.