Knowing the Lay of the Land – the Advantages of a Local Lawyer

Knowing the Lay of the Land – the Advantages of a Local Lawyer

Why Should You Consider Hiring A Local Law Firm?

It seems to me about once a month we inherit a client from another law firm located out of this region. These clients are almost always frustrated. They have had limited to no face-to-face communication with the law clerks working on the file, let alone the lawyer. We recently heard of a lawyer who could not bother to drive up here to discuss settling a very serious case and demanded that the client Skype in instead. Seriously. Given all the complexity of a personal injury claim, rarely can they be properly advanced when the lawyer’s office is three hours away.

There is a saying: “out of sight, out of mind.

As local counsel, Tamming Law knows the lay of the land. We very likely know the highway on which your accident happened. We are familiar with the claims history of a local negligent hospital, and we may well know from past claims the landlord who fails to properly salt your walkway in the winter. We have excellent relations with scores of regional rehab workers and physiotherapists. We insist on regular meetings with you and your loved ones so we can keep a pulse on mental health issues such as depression or other signs of a possible head injury. We line up trusted and reputable counselors in this area. And, oh yes, it never hurts to have on your side a law firm which knows the local courts.

We aim for personal service second to none. Allow us to maximize your recovery and your compensation. Give us a call or email us.