Working Towards Car Accident Settlements

Working Towards Car Accident Settlements

Lawsuits arising from injuries sustained in car accidents are extremely common. In an accident of any level of severity, it is common for one or more people to suffer minor injuries, if not more serious injuries such as broken bones, concussion, or whiplash. These injuries result in expenses such as lost income and medical treatments, […]

Understanding Your Legal Rights: Wrongful Dismissal

Collingwood lawyer John A. Tamming represents employees who are wrongfully terminated, helping fight for full compensation and ensuring the employee’s rights are protected. When it comes to terminating employees, employers do not always do what is required by law. There are many misconceptions about an employee’s rights on termination, and unfortunately, some employers try to […]

4 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Do to Help You

Collingwood employment lawyer John A. Tamming is skilled at advising his clients on all aspects of employment law, from reviewing job offers to negotiating termination packages. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from the assistance of an employment lawyer, read on for our list of 4 things an employment lawyer can do for […]

Top Reasons to Hire a Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

Collingwood’s Tamming Law sees firsthand that the loss of employment can devastate a person, both financially and emotionally. The devastating effects are worsened where the loss of employment is brought about as a result of a wrongful dismissal. Unless an employee is being fired for “just cause” an employer is required by law to give […]

Tips for Settling a Slip and Fall Claim from an Experienced Injury Lawyer

Collingwood’s Tamming Law frequently represents clients who have sustained personal injury due to a slip and fall on someone else’s property. Slip and falls can cause significant injuries, including fractured bones, concussions, and trauma to the neck and back. A person may suffer loss of income and can be left with chronic pain as a result of […]

What Is the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Ontario?

If you have valid automobile insurance and were injured in an automobile accident, you are entitled to Ontario’s standard auto insurance policy benefits. This coverage applies for anyone injured in a car accident, regardless of who was at fault for the accident, and even if you were a cyclist or pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle, […]

Potential Effects of a Car Accident

Sometimes, a car accident can result in serious injuries that may require you to start a lawsuit. In a split second, a car accident can impact your entire life, including your daily living, your long-term health, your ability to work, your relationships, and create difficult questions surrounding accident benefits entitlements. Below is a look at the various […]

Car Accident Compensation

Car Accident Compensation If you’re injured after a car accident, you should consult with a lawyer to find out more about your legal options. A personal injury lawyer can help you with your accident benefits claim and a personal injury (tort) claim. You will want the best legal representation possible to represent you as injuries […]

Why Time Is of the Essence When You’re Injured in a Collision

For most people in Port Elgin and Walkerton, being in a vehicle accident brings feelings of anxiety and frustration. An accident certainly wasn’t on the agenda, and now you have this aggravation to contend with. More than just an inconvenience, though, vehicle collisions can change your life forever, especially if you or a loved one […]