4 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Do to Help You

4 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Do to Help You

4 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Do to Help You

Collingwood employment lawyer John A. Tamming is skilled at advising his clients on all aspects of employment law, from reviewing job offers to negotiating termination packages.

If you are wondering whether you could benefit from the assistance of an employment lawyer, read on for our list of 4 things an employment lawyer can do for you. If you want more information about whether you need an employment lawyer, Collingwood’s Tamming Law offers a free initial consultation. We can answer your questions and provide you with an assessment of your situation – call us today toll-free at 1-888-945-5783.

1. An employment lawyer can evaluate employment contracts.

From hiring to firing, the employer/employee relationship is governed by laws, regulations, and written contracts. An employment lawyer can advise you if you are in the hiring process and want to know if a job offer is fair. If you suspect your employer is breaching your employment contract during the term of your employment (for example, not paying agreed upon overtime or benefits), or if you have been dismissed and want to know if terms of the contract that limit your entitlement to reasonable notice are enforceable, an employment lawyer can review the contract and advise you on where you stand from a legal perspective.

2. If you have been dismissed, an employment lawyer can secure full compensation. 

If your employer has terminated your employment, a skilled employment lawyer can quickly assess the factors unique to your situation and advise you (i) on whether you should sign any documents or releases, (ii) whether your employer had just cause to fire you, and/or (ii) whether a period of notice, termination pay, or severance package are fair. If not, an employment lawyer can negotiate with your former employer (and their lawyers) to secure your full entitlement to compensation at law. If your former employer is unwilling to negotiate, an employment lawyer can bring a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you in court, arbitration and mediation to secure full compensation.

3. An employment lawyer can evaluate your case and explain your legal options. 

You may be trapped in a hostile work environment. You may feel like your employer was completely unwarranted in firing you. Your employer may be refusing to reinstate you to your previous position at the end of your sick leave, maternity leave, or paternity leave. Or you may be wondering if you have a wrongful termination claim that is worth pursuing. An employment lawyer can assess the circumstances of your situation, advise you on the law, and tell you what your options are.

4. An employment lawyer can assist you if illness or injury is impacting your ability to work. 

Having an experienced employment lawyer on your side can be of great assistance when you are already dealing with the stress of an illness or injury. Employers often do not understand their obligations to make accommodations for employees. Job security is a major concern for employees who need to go on sick leave. Insurance policies and the claims process for EI and disability benefits can be extremely complicated. An employment lawyer can guide you through the process so you can focus on rest and recovery.

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