Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound, John Tamming of Tamming Law.

Welcome to Tamming Law

We opened our doors over 30 years ago. We have since grown into one of the largest personal injury practices in the region.

We did this by making a few simple promises to our clients.

We promise to be affordable.

In almost all cases, we do not charge a dime until and unless we obtain compensation for you. Full stop period. We will incur all the costs of running your case until settlement or trial. You will never have to pull out your cheque book.

We promise to move your claim along at all times.

Your file will not sit on a shelf. It will not collect dust. We resolve most claims in one to two years – often even less than that. We are proud of that record. After all, your claim is not about some paper or a digital file. At the end of the day, your claim is about money for treatment or to make up for your lost income. Life doesn’t wait. Nor do we.

We promise to be honest with you about your claim.

Experience teaches you a lot in this business: What a judge might think of your case, how an insurance company might respond to an offer. We tell you the ballpark number that would be a fair settlement and we tell you how long it might take to get there. We don’t mislead clients, we just don’t.

These are our promises. If we are honoured to work for you, we will make these commitments to you as well.

I have built a team of legal professionals which understand these promises. Give us a call, or send us an email. Let us show you what a nimble, experienced law firm with local roots can do for you and your loved ones. To us, your claim is personal. Always.


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  • Covid-19 Update


    We at Tamminglaw co-operate fully with the direction of all levels of government and our public health units to responsibly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We have a terrific team and will work together to keep things working as smoothly as possible in the months ahead.  We have always prided ourselves on prompt responses to calls and emails.  That will not change.  We have always made immediate room for urgent appointments; for now, they may be converted to calls instead.

    We will contact our clients about an upcoming mediation, examination for discovery, trial or other court appearance that may have been cancelled.  Please know that the courts are cancelled until at least June 2, 2020.   For anything that required the time of a judge, I can tell you that your matter will have to be temporarily  adjourned.   But we live in the internet age and we will use that to the fullest.  Wherever possible, we will use electronic filing, teleconferencing and meetings via Skype or Zoom.  We promise you that we will not cancel anything unless we have no choice and that we will get your matter back on the rails as soon as possible.

    Shutting down the courts and tribunals is a good, proactive thing, that, while painful in the short term, will help everyone in the long run.  We need to help protect our hospitals, our elderly and the immune-compromised.

    Help flatten that curve!  Things will be back to normal before we know it.


    John A. Tamming and the entire team at Tamming Law



For more than 25 years, Owen Sound law firm Tamming Law has protected the legal rights of citizens in Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Mount Forest, Collingwood and throughout the surrounding area with our professional legal services. The Tamming Law team unites over 20 years of education and experience to provide results-oriented legal counsel to the community.







At Tamming Law, we are proud to serve the community we call home. We understand the specific needs of our neighbours and are ready to offer personalized, aggressive legal counsel on their behalf. Whether you face long-term disability as a result of a personal injury or are involved in a workplace dispute, John Tamming and Jessica MacInnes of Owen Sound law firm Tamming Law can help.

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